DDA/Main street


What Is A Downtown Development Authority (DDA)?

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is primarily a policy-making and major decision-making entity that plans and manages the downtown area. The DDA is a corporate body recognized by State law and used for the last three decades as an important tool in downtown redevelopment. The DDA is eligible to receive certain grant monies, whereas, a local business or merchants association may not qualify.

Incentives offered for Downtown Businesses

Facade Grant Program

Sign Program

Rural Zone Tax Incentive

Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive

Historic Tax Credits

Enterprise Zone

2017 - 2018 Work Plan

DDA Board of Directors

Wes Wilbanks  - Chair

Dylan Wilbanks - Vice Chair

Susan Stephenson

Johnny Eubanks (City Council Liaison)

Maria Blencowe

Brad McCook

Stacey Rucker